Recommendation for shutter belt actor/motor


I am looking for an actor to control my rolling shutters with OpenHab. As I can not change to a tube motor, I need some which just act as a winder for the belt. There are plenty of them available, however few with radio control option and none (as I have checked) that support Z-Wave.
I am using OpenHab with a Z-Wave USB stick and a pilight 433MHz sender/receiver.
Do you have a recommendation or experience with such devices? A working combination between a motor and a seperate actor would be ok, too, if total price is less than 150 EUR.

Thanks for any hints!

Why not to choose any motor/actor (actuator) that can be controlled via switches and then connect the z-wave module instead of a switch?

I use two types of z-wave modules, from Fibaro and Philio, both work fine.

Yes, that would be possible. There are two challenges with this approach, though:
The belt actuators normally are controlled with built-in buttons. So connecting an external switch would mean some hardware hacking on the actuator.
The power supply is usually done with a normal power cord plugged into a wall outlet. So also the power supply needs to be hacked to power the switch as well.

But I am still open to this approach if there are suitable actuators! A complete solution however would be preferred for the sake of installation.