Recommendation for Z-Wave gateway?


i am looking for a standalone Z-Wave gateway which works in OH3. I don’t want to use USB sticks anymore, i want to switch to an ethernet-connected gateway which can be placed anywhere wheres power and ethernet. I am not shying away getting some other control center/hub, but i didn’t find any that work with OH yet.
The only option i came up with is a second OH instance with a pi+z-wave board, but i’d rather get some out-of-the-box gateway.

Does anyone have suggestions what might work here? Are any of the aeotec hubs working with OH (Autopilot, Smart Home Hub, Z-Pi 7)? Their stick works, but i didn’t fine enything about the other three.

Thanks in advance!

Choices depend on what world region you are in. I think generally the gateway bindings are designed for people moving to OH who already own a gateway. If you use a gateway you are dependent on its firmware for what devices are supported. The OH zwave binding uses a community maintained database in order to support current devices.

Some people have used a USB stick on a machine not running OH and used some software to access it across the home network as a serial device but I have not tried that option.

Because there aren’t any. Drop your idea.

I think the OP is referring to gateways such as SmartThings, Vera, etc. standalone from openHAB

The OP has asked for a solution rather than stating the problem they are trying to solve. There may be other solutions that have not been considered.

Those aren’t standalone gateways but full scale home automation controllers.

Indeed, violating #8 of

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My problem is, that i need a standalone gateway for z-wave that works with oh - and can’t find one. I am using an aeotec usb stick right now, plugged into the server. I want a device that works more like the Hue Gateway (small device with ethernet). What part of the problem needs elaboration?

I already tried connecting the usb stick to a pi and forward the com-port, but that was quite unreliable. Maybe a second OH-instance with the stick works better, but i’d rather have a reliable gateway than some diy-pi solution.

edit: i don’t care if someone calls them gateway, full scale homeautomation controller or z-wave-thingy. I just need a device that works independently from my server, is connected via ethernet and works with OH to replace the z-wave USB-stick.

As @Bruce_Osborne wrote, there are ways to share an USB device connected to e.g. a Raspberry Pi over Ethernet. If you have a spare RPi plus an USB stick this might be the most cheap way to go. Have a look at: Share Z-wave dongle over IP (USB over IP using ser2net / socat ) guide

We don’t need no elaboration.
Read again on the XY problem.
You just proclaim you “want” a gateway. But not having one or not knowing about which one isn’t any problem per se. Noone needs such a thing for its own sake. You only ever need one to solve another, real problem. That we expect you to elaborate on.
And you post here because you want us to help you with that but at the same time you are unwilling to explain why. Even to us, those you asked for help and that are willing to help you in principle, giving away our spare time to you, for free…
So you’re showing quite a lack of respect for us and the time we are willing to spend to help you.
That now I (being a moderator) would call a problem.

No, that is what you are convinced is the SOLUTION to some issue. What ISSUE are you trying to solve? There are usually multiple ways to resolve an issue.

You could wire a Hubitat through MQTT or a Fibaro via Node-Red and MQTT. Hubitat is a 700 series controller with wired ethernet.

The only thing you gain is 700 chipset, S2 security and a lot of work. Not sure as others say what your underlying issue is but there are probably better solutions that avoid all of the work.

@robmac As I stated they would be dependent on the gateway software for device support.

At least with 500 series the NIF response does not contain all the information needed for configuring & controlling the device.

It would but both have good support for devices.

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What symptoms do you see when the USBoIP solution is unreliable? I’ve been using an Aeotec stick connected to a Pi shared via ser2net/socat for a couple of years and it’s been very reliable.

I don’t know of any other way to achieve a network connected zwave controller in OH.

Remote openHAB binding also works very well but was not an option all that time ago. Both are a lot less work than messing with third party hubs and MQTT or API.

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To summarize what has been said thus far:

  • no such device exists to our knowledge
  • there are third party hub which might have an API that could be used with openHAB; this integration will not be using the Zwave binding though
  • most people who have the root problem we are guess you have, namely the need to put the Zwave controller in a different location from your openHAB instance, are solved using socat/ser2net or by running a separate instance of openHAB and setting up the Remote openHAB binding. There may be other options like zwave2mqtt (does such a thing exist?) but as was mentioned, device support in zwave is challenging and requires constant updates and openHAB is among the best in terms of zwave device support so you are likely to have a number of devices that are not supported by a third party controller hub.
  • There is a Z-Way binding and perhaps this comes the closest to what you are asking about. Z-Way comes with the RaZberry Shield for Zwave or, if you have a USB controller you need to purchase a license from Z-Way. In the past I know there were a number of problems with latency and reliability with the Z-Way binding in OH but I’ve not heard much about it in quite some time. So either everyone has abandoned its use or it’s working pretty good now.
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Hi Pedro
You can use our Touchwand Hub .
You can find more details about it in the link - Customer Support | TouchWand
Let me know if its an interest for you

And how does that integrate with openHAB?

Thanks alot, that reply clears some things up.

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For you but not for us. So for completeness, please state what your real problem was so others to read this can also understand and eventually benefit.
And please keep this episode in mind on future posts of yours. Thank you.

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I had just the same setup. It lost connection after a few hours/days, i didn’t debug any further. I think the new feature with remote-OH-instances (not sure how its actually called) might work better, i will try that. If i don’t get it to work i will gradually exchange my z-wave for zigbee.