Recommendations for floor heating thermostat

Dear Everyone!

I just found older topics about this. I have a floor heating (electric) in my bathroom. I have had a Devireg ‘non-smart’ thermostat, but it broke down after a few years, maybe because of the humidity…

Now winter is coming, I’m looking for some thermostats for floor heating. Only requirement is to be controllable some way (if someone can provide a non Z-Wave device, it would be the best, because I don’t have any Z-Wave device and it seems that I don’t really need them) best if through Wi-Fi /MQTT.

Only option I saw is the heatit devices, but they are a bit pricey and only Z-Wave devices.
Devi (Devireg) also has a smart thermostat, but it seems that it doesn’t have any API or reverse engineered code to use.

Thanks in advance!

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I didn’t try it (yet), but this thread might be interesting for you:

Thank you, it looks great for me!

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