Recommendations for Modbus TCP gateways needed

I’m looking for good and reliable Modbus TCP gateways and I don’t want any cheap boxes e.g. from Aliepxress.

I have been using Modbus RTU gateways (Nport 5XXX) for several years and some of them must be now ~10 years old. They have been very reliable.

Now I’m migrating gradually my home automation system from Homeseer to OH and changing the MB RTU boxes to MB TCP. I already have one MGate 3180 which I bought from Ebay several years ago but at that time I didn’t get it working because I thought it was a RTU device, but it wasn’t. I have now been playing with it under OH and it works really nicely.

My controllers are not daisy chained so each controller would need its own TCP gateway. I can possible recable some of the controllers but the controllers are located around our house so I wouldn’t like to do any recabling.

Only issue I’m having now is that Moxa MB TCP devices are pretty expensive, even in Ebay. I managed to find MGate 3480 with 4 ports from Ebay, though. So, I’m looking for cheaper but good quality devices. Any recommendations?

Take off your Aliexpress blinkers and look again. I’m using USR brand gateways, some of which must now be ten years old. Not all USR serial gateways have Modbus gateway capability, check specs for model.
I find the USR setup clumsy, but that is a one-time task.

OK, thanks. I have seen USR brand somewhere so I need to have a look at it again. Luckily I have one additional controller for testing so I could do the USR setup with it.