Recommendations for Roller Shutter Motors / Tube Motors?

Hi all,

we’re getting new windows and rollershutters for our house (Germany).
Now I’m looking for suitable (radio controlled) tube motors that can be controlled via openhab and via wall switch comfortably.

Do you have any recommendations for radio controllable tube motors?
Any motors you use yourself and you’re satisfied with?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Stefan,

Do you have any kind of home automation already? E.g. what kind of radio standard you are already using in your house for other smart things? This would ease integration of new motors.

In practice I think it will be much cheaper to get your new rollershutters with standard electrical motor, which will be installed by rollershutter producer and add some radio rollershutter relay of your choice, than to look into expensive radio-controlled motor. This is my experience, but we can compare prices.

I have in my Jalousie Geiger Motors, and in Rollershutter - no Idea which motors. And I have just asked my installer to put the cable from motor into closest 230V socket - since I don’t need local control. In this socket I installed Z-wave Fibaro rollershutter relay, which is very compact and fits behind standard socket. That’s it.

Hi artyom,

thx for your reply!
I think your suggestion makes sense… simple “dumb” motors and an radio-controlled actuators.
Most of my sensors and relays etc. are wired. :wink: The radio “standards” i use are:

  • Homegear on a RPi3 (Homematic 886Mhz) for my thermostats
  • simple 433Mhz radios together with arduinos for communication with cheap radio-controlled power sockets.

So Homematic would be the obvious solution I guess

Simple tube motor (Jarolift SL45 SW60 / 45 kg ) for 35,00 €
Homematic radio-controlled roller shutter actuator (076799) for 58,00 €
Homematic radio wall switch (130113 can control e.g. 3 roller shutters) 70,00€ …

:wink: stefan

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Yes. This looks right way. But check if you really need radio wall switch - such Roller shutter actuators usually have inputs, to which you can connect local Up/Down Keys (S1 and S2 I suggest). So if you place them near windows and use deeper openings in walls - you can install standard rollershutter switches on top and connect them to actuator inputs.

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