[Recommended method] What is the ideal way of remotely switching a device?

Good Day,
I am trying to understand what ideal ways there are for remote switching with a physical switch. in this example I have a load center in the NE corner of my shop. a Door directly next to it on the north wall and I want to put a wireless switch there next to the door to turn lights and such on but do not want to run wires back across the door and 1/2 way across the shop to the lights. I am currently favoring tasmotaized sonoff’s and had seen 433mhz based switches and such. the switch for the lights and such is near the SE corner where the wires were originally run. I have since come across the TX and M5 series from sonoff that I will probably use at the wall box under the lights where the current switch is now unless there is a more ideal method. I was hoping one of the 433mhz switches would be battery based and some how be able to control the sonoff that is under the lights with out running extra electric wiring.

I have a GoControl Z-Wave two-button switch that only needs two CR2032 batteries that last a long time. There are also a lot of Zigbee remote switches, but I assume you don’t use either technology since you didn’t look in those directions.

I believe that Philips Hue and Lutron also make wall-mounted remotes, but I don’t know if Lutron tech works in openHAB, or where you’re located (which determines what’s available to you).

I don’t think there’s an “ideal” way in a general sense. What you’ve laid out seems logical enough for your needs, and that’s all that matters.

I have yet to use those technologies. I am not against their use I just didn’t have any devices handy to play with. The sonoff’s were accessible where im at where other devices hadn’t been looked at as they were not locally accessible. Hence the question, I will take a look a those GoControll switches.