Recommended Outdoor Security Camera?


I’m looking for an outdoor security camera for my back garden. It needs to be wired (not battery driven), WiFi enabled, and importantly allow me to integrate it to OpenHab such that I can arm / disarm it based on OpenHab rules (for example whether we’re away from home) - I’m fine with the rules to implement home presence, I use this for other OpenHab functionality. Whether this is a true binding or running over IFTTT I’m not too concerned, I only want to automate the arming / disarming - nothing more sophisticated than that.

I live in the UK

Any help that can be provided would be much appreciated

Many Thanks

Well if working with OpenHAB is important, a great place to start might be the IP camera binding thread because there are list of cameras that work good with the binding and some are outdoor models

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Maybe you need a outdoor wifi security camera, with FHD Night Vision. Is it right?

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