Recommended RGB(W) WiFi LED Bulbs?

Hi All,

Looking to buy some 60W (equivalent) LED WiFi Bulbs and cant seem to find any thing on the forum that might point to a brand / model that is well supported.

Does anyone have any recommendations (company + model number?) that have worked well for them? (Not Hue, please!)

Simply looking for normal LED WiFi light bulbs (E27 - for Germany) in 60W eq. primarily, but also smaller sizes/power outputs.


So it looks like these are the RGBWW Milight 9W bulbs mentioned in the milight binding info: (would go with combo 4 [1x rgbww remote + 1x wifi ibox2 + 4x 9W rgb+cct led bulb])

Is that correct?

If so, these should work great, right?

Yes those rgb-cct globes are the only ones I would recommend as they have saturation where the older milight generation does not.

I use those globes with an open source hub that means you won’t need the ibox if you build your own. Search this forum for espmilighthub as you have two bindings to choose from. The open source hub works with both bindings.

Other globes are

Milight - cheap, are one way comms.
Phillips hue - cost more but are two way comms.
LIFX - cost more.
Yeelight - not sure how well they r supported yet as the binding is newish.

I have 23 milight globes around my house working very well. The one way comms means if you switch them off at the power you do not know they are unreachable. Milight is very mature and the globes are hackable and pretty much everything is known about how they work.

Thanks for the recommendations. I ended up getting the new(er) 4x RGBWW here:

They look great and came with a remote for my not so technically able family members :slight_smile:

I also ordered the new ibox2 because it wasnt too expensive. Still waiting on it to come via Amazon today. Will report back, but I’m assuming it will work fine.

I will probably buy some other sized (6W / 4W) of those RGB WW later.


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Those are not the newer globes, they have the round end and bare alu cooling fins. The newer better ones are called rgb-cct and have a flatten style end with white powder coated cooling fins.

It gets confusing as web sellers try and put all keywords into the ads to get hits when people search.

The globe in the amazon link is a rgbw globe which is a single white that is either cool white or warm white and you have to choose which one. This is why the globe is ww as it is probably the warm white version.

The globes still work but you can’t change the white colour temperature and you have no saturation control. This means only bright bold colours and no adding white in to get pastels and lighter shades.

Ahh okay, now I understand. I definitely did get the version with the bare aluminum cooling fans. It is the warm white, hence “ww” - so not being able to change the white color temp isn’t such a big deal as I prefer warm anyway.

Pastel would have been nice, but I can live without it.

Thanks for the info!

I find I don’t use the colours much and when I do it is to alert to things like someone is at front door when we are watching a movie. Not having full colour is no problem.

However having changeable white is fantastic. I prefer an inbetween white and the globes allow u to dial in your favourite. Also handy if you want to match the colour with another brand of globe in the same room. We have candelabra lights that I am not allowed to install milight into and have to automate candle look a like globes.

It seems that buying a good light bulb is as easy as shelling pears. However, this isn’t the case now in stores, you can find either inefficient, non-environmental, or very little power. I tried many different companies and capacities and realized that the best light bulbs are 100 volts, which will also be energy efficient. Therefore, I can advise smart light bulbs I have bought a couple of times already, and I’m just unrealistically satisfied. The coolest thing is that you can connect via Bluetooth to your phone and already from it change the color of the lighting and adjust the saturation. So I recommend that you take a closer look at this company.