Recompile for SNAPSHOT

I modified an existing binding that I used since 2.3 but have since upgraded to 2.5 SNAPSHOT. Is there a guide anywhere on what I need to do on my Eclipse IDE to recompile my binding for 2.5 SNAPSHOT? Thanks for any help.


First of all, check if your Workbench is up-to-date. Then change your coding inside your desired binding and save it. If there are no errors, then do the following.

Go to commandline, go to root-folder where your “changed binding code” is located, e.g. org.openhab.binding.xxxxxxxx, type into commandline: mvn clean install.

At the end you will get a message: BUILD SUCCESS or FAILED. If succeeded go to subfolder “target”. There is your new JAR file, e.g. org.openhab.binding.xxxxxxxx.jar.

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I usually run following on the binding folder:

mvn package

Let it download all dependancies first time around and after that you can use:

mvn package -o

This will run it offline so it will be much faster without downloading all dependancies again.