Reconnect to MQTT Homie devices

Hi there,
my little project here is to connect some climate-devices (helios kwl,and Viessmann Heater) via mqtt to Openhab. I tried a lot and found homie fit best for me. Following the conventions, i published two devices with several nodes, using php, as this runs near to a webserver. The tool says that evething is ok.
Openhab then finds my devices and i can create things and items (which is great). They are updated from time to time, everything seems to be fine.
The problem is:
when it comes to a reboot of one of my components, openhab doesn’t find the devices again. mosquitto is running, mqtt.fx shows all messages, but openhab is not willing to show updates.
I then have to manually bind the devices again and everything is fine until the next reboot or network failure
Has someone an idea, what must be done that openhab synchronizes again with my devices?


That problem was fixed after 2.5M1 unfortunately.

2.5M1. means the version of the mqtt-binding? Am i right? So where do i get 2.5M1? If i uninstall mqtt and reinstall, it states that it is still 2.4.

Sorry for my beginner questions, Matthias

You can’t currently select a different add-on version than your distribution version. That hopefully comes at some point. You need to upgrade everything at the moment.

It was unfortunately really fixed after 2.5M1. So you either need snapshots (not recommended, as the there are heavy code changes at the moment) or you wait for 2.5M2. Or you build just the MQTT part yourself and push the resulting jar file into your addons directory.

Thank you very much for the clarification. I spent two nights searching bugs in my part. I think i will wait for 2.5M2.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience, I really mean that. MQTT2 got introduced with the last version only, and as with every software, it takes an iteration for all problems to disappear.

What you also can do is to follow the download link from the openhab website for the 2.5snapshot. There is the openhab2-addons.kar file listed. Download that, rename it to have a zip extension. Extract that and find the newest binding versions in “repository/org/openhab/binding/”.

Cheers, David