Recover Z-Wave network (bricked controller)

Hello there,

I have OH3 running on a Raspi 4 with a Razberry2 ZWave controller.
Yesterday I tried updating the firmware of the Razberry for the first time to maybe get rid of my problems with the battery devices.

Now it seems that I have bricked by controller. At least according to some topics on the forum, there are some bad production series which brick on first firmware update and I have exactly the same symptoms.

Anyway, I got a new Aeontec Z-Stick 7.

Now the question: can I somehow recover the network “out of the air” e.g. by setting the same ID to the new stick or something like that?
Or do I have to reset every device to factory settings and include it again?

I have over 100 zwave devices with a lot relays behind switches, so any tips are appreciated.


You can’t use the aeotec stick 7 with Openhab, cause it‘s not been supported by now. You may need the 5+ stick

That is something I learned today. I had a Z-Stick 5 lying around, so I now rewired the resistor on that (non-plus) Z-Stick 5. It is online now, but still something is wrong. I ordered a Z-Stick 5+ and will use this.

But the original question was more if I can somehow recover the ZWave network in my new controller even if the old controller is bricked. They are still present in OpenHAB. I guess there is no way to transfer this information into an empty ZWave controller?

That works only from a backup of your old stick.

When setting up a new controller as bridge you could try to set the uid to the same as contained in the zwave folder nodes.

I think I already tried this and got warning, that the node was not found on the controller, but I will try again when the gen5+ stick arrives today.

To be honest I do not recall if that worked without first using the Aeotec backup tool to copy the old stick configuration onto the new stick. Are all the node XML files in the var/lib/openhab/zwave folder (Userdata/zwave)?

Realize with Razberry backup is problematic. I recall some thread about using ser2net to backup, but wasn’t paying that close of attention


But you are right, I have no backup because it was a razberry. Thats why I switch now to an USB stick.
Maybe you can do a backup by flashing the Z-Way software on another SD Card and start the hardware into the Z-Way software.

I also recall a topic like this in the forum, but since you are going the z-stick route, it would only be of historical value.