Recreation/Refresh Things after Updates/Upgrades

Hi there,

i have a general question: since i upgraded to oh2.2 i got some messages from the fritz! binding, that i have missing channels in my things. That is a situation that will happen often after bundles gain functionality. The solution will be to recreate the things with the new setup.

How can i recreate things properly? Do i have to release any channels and re-link them afterwards or is there a more elegant way to “refresh” things to the new version of a binding?

There should be a functionality in the system, to refresh a thing with all channels from the new binding and maps the old links to the new thing. Shouldn’t it?


Come on guys, how is this supposed to work?

do i really need to delete every single channel-link, delete the item, recreate it and link all channels again?

Hi Stefan,

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I guess you are using Paper UI and discovery. I don’t think you have to unlink every channel and delete the items. Just delete the Thing and readd it again. The links were established automatically after the new Thing has been created. I’m not sure what happens if you’re using manual thing configuration.

Currently I’m working on a solution for the avmfritz binding to create missing channels on its own. But there are some challenges to solve first. E.g. it depends on the FRITZ!Box model and FRITZ!OS version which channels are supported by the interface of AVM.

Hi Christoph,

thanks for your reply. So i misjudged it to be a “general problem” and depends on the binding itself?
You are right, i have the Things created in the PaperUI/Discovery and linked the channels to the Items i defined in the *.items files. That maybe inconsistent, but came from my migration from OH 1.x.

I deleted the links before i recreated the things, because i was not sure if it’s a problem if i don’n name the new things exactly like before. Now the log messages are gone and everything works like it should.

I see the point regarding to the different setups and appreciate your work on the binding. Thank you!