Reddit Users, Please Post in /r/homeautomation and /r/smarthome

I’ve been active in the homeautomation and smarthome subreddits the past week. What I notice is Home Assistant is the only open source hub recommended. Even SmartThings and Wink gets more mentions than openHAB.

If you are at all active on Reddit, please consider participating in these two subreddits and showing these communities that Home Assistant isn’t the only choice. I’m definitely not looking to spam either of these subreddits. Please be courteous and contribute in a useful way. Let’s show these communities that we are here, we are active, and we are helpful.

I know @bartus has made this appeal in the past. I’m here to second the appeal and remind our community that the public perception of a project is one important factor in attracting new users and contributors.

Also, we have our own subreddit that has been resurrected. We could have some more activity there as well. :wink:


what’s the official openhab sub reddit? ill get on it and sub

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