Redirect through nginx for different users

Hello. I am trying to implement a user-based system on OH2. Through nginx i am trying to redirect each user to his own dashboard. And I can’t seem to find the location of these files.Does anyone have any idea of to where should I redirect my users?

You can redirect them to their own sitemap or HABPanel but you cannot redirect them to their own dashboard (the page you end up when you just go to http://yourserverip:8080. There is only one of those.

This is the dashboard.

You need to redirect each user to their own sitemap:


The last part of the URL, in this case “wh”.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m also trying to find where is the location of the sitemaps inside the openhabian so I can pass them to the try_files modules of nginx.

But realize that OH generates the HTML on the fly using a servlet. There is no html file for each sitemap and all the default files are embedded in .kar and .jar files as part of the install. Files you add (e.g. custom icons, custom webviews) go in /etc/openhab2/html.

Thanks a lot for replying. I’ve managed to get nginx to redirect users. It’s just that when I am passing the url : “localhost:8080/basicui/app?sitemap=wh” it only gets me to the “localhost:8080/basicui/app”.

EDIT : I have managed to redirect users to certain panels. So I will continue the development using Habpanel. Thank you very much !

Like I said above, you need to replace the “wh” part with the name of your actual sitemap.

I did just that and no change.
This is my sitemap configuration

sitemap primul label=“Primul”
Frame label = “RPi GPIO”
Switch item=GPIO_LAMP
Text item = GPIO_PIR
Switch item = GPIO_Yala

and the static page I am trying to retrieve the link to


<form action=""

And it only takes me to

You have to configure nginx to go to that address. Your nginx is configuration is where you need to look.