Refresh config on changes or manually netboot nfs fs

Hi all

I’m having a question ever since I migrated my system RPI 3B+ running OH 3.01 migratied from OH 2.5 while system already was in netboot to a cardless netboot system my configuration files Items Rules etc never refreshes due to saved changese in files. I read about it and it could be caused by network file events are diffrent from OS file events.

Is there a way to not need to restart system for every change I do for example a script or rule that I cant trigg when I made some changes, even tough sometimes the best is to restart system completely.

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If you login to your system via ssh and edit the file with “vi” or another editor and then save the file again it should reload the changes (check openhab.log) .

Hi yes that worked, I did even get touch and filename to work. I have som strange behaviour since migrating to netboot I can’t type cd /e tab button to get cd /etc/ to work iI get som error message on auto complete in commandline that I can’t create temporary files.

This is totally off topic but thought I could mention it.

Is ther any way to just restart DSL via Karaf?

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