REGEX and multiple Serial bindings on same port

I have a question related to REGEX usage for serial binding.

I receive on same serial port different packets containing different values from different sensors.
Packet type can be identified by the second and third char from the beginning of the packet:

temperature: <28Sensor_id,data etc…>
pressure: <11
Sensor_id,data etc…>
humidity: <12*Sensor_id,data etc…>

I created three items as follows:

String tempExt	"Temperatura exterioara" (Senzori)	{ serial="/dev/ttyUSB0@9600,REGEX(<28\\*\\d{1}\\*\\d{3}\\*\\w{16}\\*(.{6}).*)" }
String presExt	"Presiune exterioara"    (Senzori)	{ serial="/dev/ttyUSB0@9600,REGEX(<11\\*\\d{1}\\*\\d{3}\\*\\w{16}\\*(.{5}).*)" }
String umid	"Umiditate"	         (Senzori)	{ serial="/dev/ttyUSB0@9600,REGEX(<12\\*\\d{1}\\*\\d{3}\\*\\w{16}\\*(.{4}).*)" }

The MATCHING works for one sensor but all the other are updated with the whole string!!!

presExt state updated to 753.8
tempExt state updated to <11003230000003EBD18228753.8 **************>
umid state updated to <11003230000003EBD18228753.8 **************>

Is it not possible to update a string item ONLY if the REGEX matches?