Regex issue with HTML

I’m using OH3 and the HTTP Binding.

I would like to capture the Value “71,35” of the html code.
For this I tried Regex and made in my testing. It worked. But if I put it into Openhab the Regex give me error. Is there Something I should consider for openhab different than “normal” regex.

.*<\/span>(\d*\,\d*) EUR\/100 L \(netto\)<span.*

HTML Code (Source)
<span class="cs_shop_no_discount_price_step2" style="display:none;"><b>Price</b> </span>71,35 EUR/100 L (netto)<span class="cs_shop_no_discount_price_step2" style="display:none;"><br>statt <span class="cs_shop_no_discount_price_step2_price">72,35</span> EUR/100 L (netto)</span>

Expected result should be 71,35 as Number.

Thanks for you help.

What was the error?

Use a string item and what do you get?
Regex is installed?

Is 71,35 a number?

@rossko57 The error is that Openhab3 probably not accept the Regex “REGEX:.</span>(\d,\d*) EUR/100 L (netto)<span.*”. Because of errors in the codefile the Thing will not be activated. And others (which worked before) are disapearing/deactivated.

@denominator Yes, i installed regex before ( RegEx Transformation 3.1.1)

Thing http:url:Price "Price" [ authMode="BASIC", baseURL="https://url", refresh=60, stateMethod= "GET", timeout=40000, bufferSize=2048] {
            Type number : Price_current "Price_current" [
                stateTransformation="REGEX:.*<\/span>(\d*\,\d*) EUR\/100 L \(netto\)<span.*" ]

A Item is not defined yet.

This might help

What do you get when you change Type number to string