REGEX transformation not working

I have updated to the last snapshot but I can not get REGEX. I get the following error. “Cannot get service reference for transformation service of type REGEX”

And help would be appreciated.

I see a similar error in my logs for XSLT, yet my XSLT transforms are working. Have you verified that your transforms are indeed not working?

The REGEX translation is not working for me. I have an item I setup when I was using Openhab 1.8 that worked fine, but now it is generating the error. For awhile I was getting an error for loading the translation module but that is no longer occuring.

I don’t know if this helps - but I had to install (via the PaperUI) the various transforms - none were installed by default for me.

According to PaperUI, it is installed. Thanks for the heelp.

Turns out it was not a REGEX issue but a permission issue with using an exec action.