Region lock on Chinese version of Roborock

Hi guys,
I just bought a Roborock G10S (chinese version of S7 maxv) only to discover it can’t be used oversea through the app. It can do its basic job when I click the power button, but absolutely no “smart” feature can run because of this region lock.
I believe some VPN setup on the router might solve the issue, but before trying that, I’m still curious to know whether OpenHab can somehow workaround that region lock.
Does anyone know how exactly this lock works ? Is there any chance that OpenHab’s low level commands may pass without fiddling around with my router ?

You can control devices from any country with the openHab miio binding.
So while the regular app requires you to switch between countries in order to control them, the binding will allow you to control them without the need for switching.

So you would still need to switch country in the mihome app to allow it to be setup, then OH will be able to control it even though you switch back to your regular country in the mihome app.

edit: note: I never needed to use VPN that I’m aware of, I regularly witch between countries in mihome.


just try to follow up with this question and see whether you have solved this using OH. I’m trying to set mines with OH. The device was discovered and showing online but couldn’t send command to the roborock vacuum. Any suggestions will be great!


you need to provide more details of what is your issue.
what exect model you have (string in oh), e.g. is the robot not responding at all(token error) or it respond with error code etc

Hi I just bought a roborock G10s pure, and unable to use the smart function in xiaomi app to control the vacuum due to region lock as I’m using it in Singapore. Is there step for me to use openhab to unlock these function? @marcel_verpaalen

don’t know which smart functions you are refering to…

So many devices are locakd to one or more region, meaning that they can only be made visible in the mihome app if you select the right (region) server. (e.g. CN, TW, SG, DE, US are the main servers)

e.g. while I’m in EU, I have several devices that are only linkable toCN. So to control them (in the app) I need to switch region first.
In Openhab, there is no need to switch between regions, you can control devices from any region. For some of the vacuums (roborock) we have special features like the map, for that to work in the thing configuration you need to identify the server that the device is attached to.