Reinstall via apt-get, RPI2

How can i uninstall and reinstall oh2 via apt-get without losing all the work that has been done so far? I installed manually, before the new documents were available, and my reatart script does not work properly, and its a pain to update as well. Do i do a backup like is stated in the documentation, then uninstall, then reinstall, then recover? i just dont want ro lose all the work on sitemaps, and items, too much time involved!

I am confident you just have to follow the Linux docs article.
As for the backup: If I understood correctly, you build yourself a few configuration files. You need to backup /etc/openhab2 with these included. The userdata folder contains settings from PaperUI, if you configured anything there, retain it as well. If in doubt, backup everything:

My recommendation for your maybe a bit damaged installation:

  • completely uninstall and delete openHAB
  • install using the latest snapshot via package repository
  • start once (to make initialization easier)
  • stop and restore your config files, start

ok, i will try it on a minimal istall i have first, then on my larger install if all works out. thanks