Relation between openhab and openhab-core

Hi guys I am new to openHAB. I am really curious about how openHAB is implemented so I just downloaded the source coude of openHAB from github, which is openhab-core. I also learn maven but there are too many modules in this project. My question is:
how does this huge fantastic maven project transform to the karaf binary file which can be executed on my Mac?
I am curious about how to read the openhab-core source codes, but now I can not find any entry point like the main function in C program. Can anyone give me some advice?

The released versions are built on Jenkins.

openHAB is an application that is packaged into a series of OSGI bundles and run on the Karaf application server. The “main” that you are looking for resides in Karaf and not openHAB. So I think the main place to start is to go research how OSGI bundles work and are deployed which should give you some orientation to understand the OH source code.

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Here is a good starting point, with lots of links… The rest of the developer docs are also useful.


Thanks a lot! I appreciate people here are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and I will learn it!

Thank you so much!

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Hi Bruce, I checked the other answers which said OSGI. Could you please tell me what the realtion between Jenkins you mentioned and the OSGI? Or Can I only build my oepnHAB on Jenkins?

I honk Jenkins is just the automated build system used to produce this modular product. I know the IH build system was completely redesigned between Milestones 1 & 2 of 2.5.
As a relative newbie I do not know a lot of the details.