Release Candidate and Support: Amazon Echo Control Binding

I´m going to create a new thread as it doesn´t seems to be a homekit or Alexa binding problem…

Hi Ray!
Can you share this rounding rule?

As long as you don’t ask me how it works! :grinning:

rule “Round Temperature Livingroom Sensor”
Item HT_Temperature_LR received update
if (HT_Temperature_LR.state != NULL){
val roundedNumber = (Math::round((HT_Temperature_LR.state as DecimalType).floatValue()* 10)).floatValue() /10


The question is not rekated to the binding. Please sesrch for the openHAB Alexa skill.

Hello Michael,

I also have an Fire TV stick, and added it as an “Echo Thing” it comes online, and reports the following Capabillities, if you need more info, let me know


Curious. I am plannning on setting up my Echo devices this weekend. I see this binding and one from digitaldan.

Are these the same? One provide functionality the other doesn’t?

And one other. The binding that’s included with the OpenHAB install that can be installed,which one is that?




I’m having trouble with all of my echo devices with a screen i.e echoshow and echospot. I’m unable to get them to be recognized as “Things” using these item types

Thing file

Thing echoshow  echo3 "Alexa (Front Room echo3)" @ "Alexa" [serialNumber="abc"]

If I change all screen devices to an item type of “Echo” then a thing is created for them. With this change I can use TTS with no issues but i’m unable to get the lastVoiceCommand event to fire.

BTW - I’ve used the Alexa control from the bindings in openHAB. I’m not sure if this is the correct version I should be using ? I’ve seen references to using a “manually downloaded version” but I’m not sure how to install it manually.

Any ideas ?

Please read through these articles. It’s easy to confuse the two, but they have very different functionality. Actually, I threw in a third one, which is basically a limited functionality alternative to the skill, and keeps the commands local.

Amazon Echo Control

Alexa Skill

Hue Emulation

I believe they are all included in the OH 2.4 stable release, but this binding and the Hue Emulation have had significant fixes since then. IDK about the Alexa Skill, since I don’t use it. This binding is available as a manual install from the first post. Hue Emulation fixes are available in the OH 2.5 M1 release, or by using a manual install of a snapshot build of the binding.

Hi Michael,

Stability of the beta 5 is confirmed, no more thread leakage after two days of a bad connection. Regarding the status, no luck, the binding web page sees the same (ie Echo flagged as online despite being off). I’ll investigate to see if there is any other means to confirm Echo is online or offline.



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Thanks Scott. Didn’t even think conceptually you could create an Alexa binding that only ran local. Figured everything had to run thru Amazon’s server if you talked to her.

Anyway, I am reading the Control document now. One thing that interested me is the ability to listen to the weather on Spotify. I have a family member obsessed with the weather. Probably make their day to ask Alexa to play the weather. To get me started on this binding, is there any guides on how to setup openhab integration to Alexa (which I’m sure I can figure out) with a Dot and a Sonos ONE. And ideally like to ask Sonos ONE to play the weather and have it happen. That said, how much is the binding doing here? When you ask Alexa to play the weather is it OpenHAB that is making this happen or Alexa? still struggling to understand the communication flow which is probably my biggest challenge right now.



Hi, the currently released version is not recommended to use, because it has problems with channel updates and a memory / thread leak in the case of internet connection.
But the currently daily snapshot release of openHAB has an already fixed version, but daily snapshots are in general are not recommended for productive systems. So the best possibility is to install the current beta from the top most posting. Please deinstall first the binding, then the manual installation should not cause any troubles. Please read the instruction included in the top most posting for installation or search on google for more detailed instructions how you can do the manual installation.
Best, Michael

Hi Michi,

Thanks for your reply.

I have openHAB2 running on a raspberry PI 3b+. If I run the following I see I currently have v2.4.0 installed

openhab-cli console
bundle:list -s
260 │ Active │ 80 │ 2.4.0 │ org.openhab.binding.amazonechocontrol

This is confirmed by looking in openhab paperUI interface under “add-ons -> bindings ->Amazon Echo Control Binding 2.4.0

So if I remove all Alexa things and bindings ( not a problem because they are all in config files ) I can now click uninstall against this amazon echo control binding to remove it.

Once I have downloaded the recommended .jar file Beta 2.5 (5) then how do I actually “install” it ? Apologies but I’ve come from a windows background with little Linux experience.


Place the jar file in /usr/share/openhab2/addons and restart OH.

After placing the jar file and restarting if you have permission issues then use sudo openhabian-config tool and select Apply Improvements then Fix Permissions and you should be good to go.

Hey thanks for that. I thought i’d need to run some update to import the file. Easy when you know how :slight_smile:

Will this new version appear in the “paperUI under add-ons -> bindings” or does the manual process hide it from that menu ?


Its will show in PaperUI under Configurations > Bindings along with the other bindings you have installed. It will not be in the Addons > Bindings list like regular bindings you click to install. If this make no sense, I’m not the best at explaining things, you will understand after you have it installed.:wink:

No problem, ill give it a go - thanks for your time.

Hi Michael,
just wondering if it may be possible to access the internal temperatur sensor of the echo plus. It can be displayed in the amazon alexa app.
Usually the echo is located somewhere central, so the temperature should be the overall room temperature. So you can safe money for getting an additional temp sensor. :wink:
Maybe this is an idea for an future release or you can provide an instruction how to add channels manually to the binding.

cheers Hannes

Reading out the value, should not be the problem. But the question is, if there is a notification if the temperature is changed. If not, than additional polling is required and this would be not nice. BTW, is it possible to show the temperature in the alexa web site, too? Or is it only available in the app? I

Best, Michael

btw, you can check if you have the new version if you open the binding webpage


You should see the Beta hint on this page:

unfortunately i cannot see the Temperature on the website.
Im not sure if there is a notification, but you can create a alexa scene or rule depending on this temperature. for example: “switch on ventilator, if temp raise over 26°C”. So i assume there is a notification, right?