Release cycle?

Hi there,

is there any release cycle on a regular basis? Just like the official Eclipse release train, which by now release 4 times a year, one major relase and 3 bug-fix releases. It’s good to have a rough rule of thumb about how often official updates (at least bug fixes) will be available. So one would have an idea whether the stable release repository is sufficient or one needs to be on an unstable apt-repository in order not to get too much behind in features/fixes.

Especially for the new marketplace thing it would be great to know when it might come to some official release.


I’m wondering this too. I use openHABian and recently tried to switch to snapshot releases - it did not go well and I ended up reinstalling my system. I’m sure there’s conflicting desires to keep stable systems stable for a long time in contrast with the desire to get new features out the door.