Remote 1wire

Hi All,

I installed some DS18B20 on a pi, added Samba and shared the /sys/bus/w1/devices/28-… folder.

On the (windows) OH, I installed the OneWireGPIO (2.5.4) binding, and instead of the local (linux) path, I put in the UNC to the share : works !

Is this acceptable approach, or are there better ways for reading these value’s remotely ?

(I understand that I probably cannot set the resolution of the sensor via the bridge)

Thanks !

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I’m no expert, but if you are using Samba with credentials on your local network it’s probably ok.

If you want a way to access it without having to share hardware resources over the network you could use my MQTTany software and setup MQTT on openHAB.

Hi CrazyIvan,

I have made contact with the writer of the binding, said it would work without any problem. Nevertheless, thanks for the input. I will certainly look into MQTTAny in the future…

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Hey good idea of ​​yours… I had this idea a week ago and wanted to see if this solution already exists in the community and lo and behold :)… Question does your UNC string look like? How did you solve that with the user and password query samba?.. Mega that someone came up with the idea, that’s really a comfortable solution

Hi Marco,

the device path is like \\Server_name\Sharename\w1_slave. You need the full path to the file itself in that field.

In my opinion there is no security issue with Samba and guest access allowed (as there is nothing to secure), thus I did not “solve” the credentials issue as it is the only thing that the rPi does.

Nevertheless, if you want to have user access, that can be a pain in the a**, because it is the system-account of your windows openhab that needs to do the authentication to the rPi. But in my opinion that might be less secure than allow guest access to the share of the onewire share…

Hi, thank you very much for the quick response. Yes, that’s right, maybe I overestimated the risk here.