Remote 1wire

Hi All,

I installed some DS18B20 on a pi, added Samba and shared the /sys/bus/w1/devices/28-… folder.

On the (windows) OH, I installed the OneWireGPIO (2.5.4) binding, and instead of the local (linux) path, I put in the UNC to the share : works !

Is this acceptable approach, or are there better ways for reading these value’s remotely ?

(I understand that I probably cannot set the resolution of the sensor via the bridge)

Thanks !

I’m no expert, but if you are using Samba with credentials on your local network it’s probably ok.

If you want a way to access it without having to share hardware resources over the network you could use my MQTTany software and setup MQTT on openHAB.

Hi CrazyIvan,

I have made contact with the writer of the binding, said it would work without any problem. Nevertheless, thanks for the input. I will certainly look into MQTTAny in the future…

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