Remote access functional despite being disabled!

I’ve connected my OH setup using the cloud connector (and however despite changing (and saving!) the settings in the MainUI to “Notifications” only:

I am still able to control item states and load the UI over cellular connection! Is there something else that I need to do to change this? I do not want users to be able to have remote access when not connected to the local network.

Are you using the Android client, IOS client, mobile web browser? I’m guessing you do not have a VPN or other way of exposing your system? More information would be helpful. I just checked my own system , that option is working and does not allow access if only notifications are checked and saved.

I am using the android app to access, and besides the cloud connector, the system is not exposed in any other way.

I’ve (apparently) fixed the issue by restarting the server and logging back in and out on the client device. Now the settings change properly and immediately :person_shrugging:

Perhaps there is an issue here that only persists during the OpenHab session during which the cloud-connector was initially installed and configured.