Remote access stops working after changing the country

I am using Version 2.19.0 and everything worked fine. But then I changed the regional settings (Regionale Einstellungen) in openhab system. I changed the country/region from “Not defined” to “Deutschland”. Then remote access of the openhab GUI stops working. No error message, just a black screen. In the local network everything works fine. If I change the country setting back to “Not defined”, everything works again. But of course I would like to use “Deutschland” because of the label language.
I think this is a bug or does anybody has a solution?

Edit: I am talking about android app version 2.19.0 and remote access

Could you check again. There is / was no OH 2.19.0 version. So could you please explain what software resp. what software version you are talking about ?

2.19.0 is the version of the Android app. Because I thought it is a problem of the app. Openhab version is 3.1

This is really weird… I have been having the same issue for quite some time now - it is also logged on GitHub.

I just tried to remove the Country/Region in my regional settings after testing and confirming that my OpenHAB 3 UI does not come up (blank screen).

After removing the Country /Region as suggested I get some information on the page - though garbled. Not sure why this should have an effect of the page displaying but might give the developers more to look at?

Not even sure where the Basic UI information comes from - not from my system.

After reverting the openHAB setting back (Country/Region - South Africa it works like above for a while then page is blank again.

I can confirm that setting the “country/region” to “undefined”/“blank” in the openhab backend “regional settings” suddenly brought up the MainUI being displayed again in remote url access in the android app. Then after setting back to “Deutschland”(Germany) the MainUI is empty again (black page due to "dark mode).
The “language” settings have not been adjusted and were “German” in both cases!
I am also using version 2.19.0 of the android app together with a 3.1 openhab backend. Remote access is done via
Most of my labels of the MainUI like “Locations”,“Equipment”,“Properties” are not in German any more, although the “language” setting is still “German” under “regional settings”.

I have now installed the latest version of the android app from GitHub - openhab/openhab-android: openHAB client for Android labeled 2.19.9-beta with help of Android Studio and downloaded that to my smartphone and can state here, that the error is not existing any more in this “newer” version. The normal app store version at time of this writing is 2.19.0.

Cannot confirm this: Android openHAB App version 2.19.9-beta and 2.19.10-beta still return “Empty Sitemap List”.

As I have written on the GitHub issue:

Android app says “openHAB returned empty Sitemap list”

Everything works fine if I connect my WiFi or VPN home. Google Home/Assistant integration works and shows OpenHAB as connected. So there obviously is some sort of connection working.
returns an empty document
returns proper contents

That is, even doing the request in the browser returns an empty sitemap. I doubt it has anything to do with the actual phone app. The request to get the sitemap simply returns nothing.

I have had success setting the log level to debug (which is a mad, completely random fix).
I have NOT had success setting the region to blank.

Hi everyone,

I have similar issue, but in my case

  • sitemaps are working locally & remote
  • mainUI via android app is only working locally but not remotely
  • mainUI via browser ( is working

Changing the regional settings from Germany to nothing did not changed anything (I have not restarted OH, is this expected?).

As sitemaps are working is also returning the list of sitemaps as expected.
However is only returning a HTTP 404 error, not sure if this is expected or part of the issue.

I do not see any message in my openhab logs.

Let me know if you need any other details.