Remote Access to OpenHAB - Use of VPN-on-demand


A couple of days ago I came along this post when I was struggling to enable Geofency for my presence detection:

I used this method to install on my i-phone a VPN-on-demand service (fritzbox router), i.e. every time I open the OpenHAB app it automatically opens a VPN channel to my home server and allows me free access without any port forwarding and remote monitoring of my home (similar to my.openhab).

In addition I can now use Geofency for presence detection (push-notification via webhook).

Hope someone finds this post useful …



Is this method still working under iOS 10? Thanks

Interesting. Geofencing to VPN. I like the idea. Maybe that’d be better in the winter. I use Tasker on Android to turn my outside lights on when my phone connects to wifi but there’s often enough of a delay that I’m in the door before the lights turn on.


Many thanks!


I recently also tried Tasker to solve presence detection.

I tried two methods:

  1. GPS Location. Bad idea, seems that this turns GPS permanently on which causes battery drain
  2. depending if my home wifi is visible. This also causes battery drain. The phone gets warm in the pocket and it consumes 40 percent battery in two hrs.

I dont’t want to use the wifi connected trigger since wifi is disconnected on standby thoi would cause presence detection to turn off even when I’m at home.

How did you manage battery usage with Tasker?



I leave GPS on all the time because of Ingress. But I use Tasker to turn Wifi on and off based on location. Not sure how you would do anything Geo-location without GPS.

Another way to go about arriving at home vs having your phone run tasks; you could have openHAB verify with your wifi (this is assuming your can query SNMP on your wireless device).

I wrote up a solution to this Leveraging SNMP to detect your mobile device using Cisco equipment, however it should be the same process for any other type of hardware.

And to give you an idea of speed vs tasker, I’ve noticed that my outside lights turn on halfway up the driveway. The drive is also around 30 meters/100 feet give or take some distance.