Remote Control of dishwasher G6845 not working

I try to start my Miele dishwasher from OpenHAB. It is possible with the Miele App on my iPhone but it seams, that the App is using a different API.

I connected the dishwasher (Miele G6845) with the Miele Cloud Binding and I can read the actual states like the program name and operation status.

All remote_control_can_be_* channels are false. If I understand it correct, this means that the API for this device does not support the remote control.

I’ve used the API from Miele to get all the informations from my device and the API stated a “fullRemoteControl” as true. As soon as I enable the “MobileControl” at the dishwasher, the mobileStart value is stated as true.

"remoteEnable": {
        "fullRemoteControl": true,
        "smartGrid": false,
        "mobileStart": true

So I’m not sure if remote_control_can_be_* channels are wrong or if this kind of remote control is based on a not implemented feature of the API.

Any ideas how I can start the dishwasher over the Binding? I do not have the Miele@home Gateway, so the other Miele Binding is no option at the moment.


OH Version: 3.3.0
Platform: Openhabian

Hello Christian,

Yes, and the private API can do more than the 3rd party one used by the binding.

That’s almost correct. When these channels are set to false then the cloud reports that the specific action is not possible at the moment. It is still possible that the channels switch to true when the device is put in a specific state.

On API side the GET /devices/{deviceId}/actions endpoint provides a list of possible actions that can be triggered. I don’t know how the values you found are influencing this but the binding doesn’t check them and doesn’t need to.

The following usually works for washing machines so I would give it a try. Do the following by hand on the dishwasher:

  • Set the program
  • Enable “Mobile Control”
  • Program a delayed start (e.g. 12 hours) (I hope this is possible with your device)
  • Start the count down timer

Now the binding should report can_be_started as ON / true and you should be able to do so. If the binding doesn’t report can_be_started as ON / true then try to start anyway, the binding will send the command to the cloud and print a warning to the openHAB logs if that fails.

Hope this works for you,