Remote OpenHab Binding witn Bindings 1,x

I have an old 2.5 server with some 1.x binding working fine. Unfortunately devices using binding 1.0 are not supported on any 2.x bindings.

I am migrating to 3.3.0 server and I would like to remote control Items related to 1.x binding from 3.3.0 server. It is possible?



From the Remote Openhab docs page:

Another use is for users to interact with older versions of openHAB that may support old openHAB v1 bindings that were not migrated to openHAB v2 or openHAB v3. They can keep an openHAB v2 server to run their old openHAB v1 bindings and setup a new openHAB v3 server for everything else. The Remote openHAB binding installed on the openHAB v3 server will then allow to use the openHAB v1 bindings through communication with the openHAB v2 server.

thanks for reply I just found this on Help.
But I cannot understand how. On openhab 3 server I can only add Thing, but my 1.x binding running on 2.x server, do not have things


You create items on the 3.3 server and link them to items through the remote binding.

I cannot undestand how. There is some example or a guide?


Did you read the binding documentation?
You can find an example with an item named “myDate”.