Remote openHAB item in OH3 server does not follow changes in source OH2.5 server


I’m running OH2.5 and OH3 in parallel. OH2.5 is still handling most of my smart home, but I’m step-by-step migrating to OH3, therefore I’m using the Remote openHAB binding to also add some OH 2.5 items to OH3.

This works fine for writing from OH3 to an OH2.5 item, but I have a custom created dimmer item in OH2.5 which when changed in OH3, is perfectly also updated in OH2.5, but when changed in OH2.5 the value is not updated in OH3.

Does anyone have a hint how I could debug that further or provide some useful logs?

Enable the DEBUG logs for the binding and show me your logs (OH2 and OH3) at the time your item state is updated in OH2.

Tell us how is defined your item in OH2 and OH3.

Am I right that this should do the trick?

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.remoteopenhab

Because it doesn’t output anything when chaning the item in OH2

Please try again with TRACE instead of DEBUG.

And please show your item state change in OH2 from your OH2 file events.log when you say nothing happens in OH3.

PS: you need a state update in OH2, not only a state change, to see something coming in OH3. That is why I ask you to show your state update in OH2.