Remote serial connection fails after rebooting OH3


I setup a remote serial configuration für my aeonlabs zstick gen 5 with:

  • OH 3.0.1 ReleaseBuild on a rpi4 running buster
  • Z-Wave Serial Controller configured to “rfc2217://remoteusb:3001” through the UI
  • ser2net on a rpi1 (hostname “remoteusb”) running buster with “3001:telnet:0:/dev/ttyACM0:115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT remctl” in my /etc/ser2net.conf like described in topic [SOLVED] [Zwave, Zigbee, ...] RFC2217 remote serial port HowTo?

Rebooting one of these machines leeds to a connection loss that I can only heal by clicking onto “Synchronize Network” in the OH3 UI.

Is there a workaround - other than installing OH3 on the remote machine - or did I mix some things up or miss a detail?

As a workaround I am thinking about forcing a Z-Wave network synchronization via a rule every time the controller thing appears to be offline. Therefore I need to know:

  1. How can I detect the controller thing being offline without constantly polling?
  2. Which kind of command can I send to the controller thing that forces a synchronization? There must a way cause the UI is providing a button …

@chris Can you help me?


You should NEVER need to do a “Synchronise Network” if that is what you are asking - not unless you have multiple controllers in your system and you are adding devices into the network from a different controller (ie not OH).

Thanks @rossko57. I will try your hints. Funny thing nesides: As you mentioned the first part of the solution, I realized that I once had a rule informing about the status of a zwave thing. I should recycle it.

Of course not. Thats what I really do not want, but there doesn‘t seem to be another way to repair the remote serial connection after one of the machines had been rebooted or after disconnecting/reconnecting my z-stick 5 from the remote pi. If you know another way, I‘d be very happy.

But you are not using the synchronise command - you are actually just restarting the binding. I think i had this discussion with someone else recently who also incorrectly thought that using the synchronise was helping. It isn’t doing anything - sending this command is just causing the binding to restart again.

Ok @chris, that‘s a good point I did not know about. I just saw an older discussion regarding a rule for restarting a binding via ssh to karaf. Would you agree that this is a feasible workaround or is there a better way?