Remote Synology RaspberryPI

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a good, easy and safe way to remote my Synology and another Raspberry Pi 3b (MagicMirror) via my openhab server.

But I tried but unfortunatley I did not find any nice configuration steps.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much and stay healthy.


Please word things differently. What issue exactly are you working on solving? We are sometimes slow, so please be more descriptive. :wink:

You are right sorry…

Ok I installed my openhab2 platform on a raspberry pi and in using it to control all my stuff with it.

So now I want to conrol additionally my Synology NAS DS218+ and my MagicMirror (another Raspberry Pi 3b+).

For this I thnik I shoud use the exec-Binding right?

For the raspberry pi:

I tried to use this but I’m not sure if I need the stuff on my openhab installation what he did. I just need a user, who is allowed to do reboot, shutdown and update, upgrade.

For the synology:

For example in my sshd_config I don’t have the first option in my synology:

#RSAAuthentication yes
#PubkeyAuthentication yes

I just want to aks if anybody knows, if there is a easier way. Just asking :smile:

Thanks, for your help :slight_smile:

If you are using 2.5.2 with the Exec binding there is a new whitelist requirement.

Can you show us what commands/rules you tried and what results or errors you had?

Sorry for the delay but at the moment we have strange times and their is a lot to do at the university.

My first problem is the WOL binding after the new update it is not working anymore:


Switch WakeOnLanSynology “Synology NAS” {wol=“”}

For the letters I use small letters.

Any ideas?

So I startet to create the openhab user for the magicmirror. Then I set the openhab user to no password for the commands shutdown, reboot that openhab just can do this stuff.

No my question is it better to create some .sh files and then runn them by the exec command like:

inside is

ssh openhab@ sudo reboot

and then:


or is it better to send directly the commands?

Thank you very much?


I solved the problem with the remote stuff for the other raspberry :slight_smile:

But any hints for the WOL?