Remotec ZRC-100 not sending Scene number to OpenHab

Hello community,

I am trying to set up the Remotec Z-Wave remote control “ZRC-100EU” to send a Scene number to OpenHab2 using the Z-Wave binding. This remote control has 12 scenes integrated. My aim is that once scene number is received by OpenHab2 a specific “rule” is triggered.

Issue: When setting “on” a scene (or “off”) on the ZRC-100EU, the scene number is not received by OpenHab2. I may be doing something wrong by comparing how this remote control works with the Fibaro Keyfob where each button of the remote control will send a specific scene number to OpenHab2.

Additional info and questions:

  • I have not programmed this remote control to act as a controller (primary or secondary), i have just added it to my Z-Wave environment and I only wish to use the Scenes to trigger rules. Those rules will be controlling equipments handled by Z-Wave, RFXCom and GPIO interfaces.
  • Currently on OpenHab2, I have programmed the Item Scene number with Type: “Number”. Logs do not show anything when pressing On on a scene. Log level for both org.openhab and smarthome.event is INFO.
  • Remotec “ZRC-100EU” Firmware version is 1.62
  • When going into the setup menu, this remote control has an “Add to Scene” section. Checking this section forces you to “Press PROG on target”. Since I just want that the remote control to send a scene number to OpenHab2, is there a way to better program this section and how?

Your help is much appreciated.
Please let me know if any logs are needed or if I am overseeing anything with how this remote control should function.


Hi @chris, Could it be related to Binding? (the thing has no parameters to configure).
Thanks :slight_smile:

Dear community,

According to Remotec support team, the option to send the scene number pressed on the ZRC-100 to the primary controller is not possible.
I quote:
“Normally this step needs to operate on gateway , but ZRC-100 doesn’t have this function . Besides ,
central scene appears on Zwave Gen 5 and ZRC-100 using Zwave Gen3 , when we developed ZRC-100 it doesn’t have central scene command , so ZRC-100 receiving central scene it won’t recognize and doesn’t have any operation .”

A review of documentation might be needed here: