Remotec ZTS-500 Parameters

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(Paul O) #1

Please excuse my knowledge, gaps… I thought I would try out the Remotec ZTS-500 Thermostat - The unit is working great so far with OH, but I now notice that none of the device configuration parameters exist in the DB entry for this device. According to the documentation, the device has multiple parameters available (e.g. swing, temp. calibration, differential, etc.). Is there a way I can push parameter commands to the device to make changes? Or, how can I properly contribute to the addition of these parameters into the DB? Thirdly, was there possibly a reason that these parameters were not added when the definition was created in the first place? Much Thanks!


(Chris Jackson) #2

If the parameters aren’t in the database, then they will need to be added - there’s no way to manually send parameter updates.

You can find the information on updating the database here :


(Paul O) #3

Much thanks as always, Chris. I’ve provided some parameter information and requested approval. Hope I did everything right.


(Chris Jackson) #4

Thanks - I will take a look at this tomorrow and look to do a database update then.


(Øystein Bedin) #5

Somewhat related - I have the ZTS-500 and for some odd reason, it won’t accept the temperature setpoint when sent from OH2. I can see in the log that it gets set, but then it immediately gets set back to the previous setpoint. Any thoughts on this? @POB21 does this work as expected for you?

Also, the “sensor_temperature” always reports the temperature in C, even though everything else is set to F


(Paul O) #6

How do you have the item configured? Here’s how I have my item configured using the UOM item type:

Number:Temperature upstairs_setcool "Upstairs Set Cool Temp. [%.0f °F]" <temperature_cold> {channel="zwave:device:512:node36:thermostat_setpoint_cooling"}

Setpoints have been a little bit of a challenge for me with this and other thermostats in the past. I have also observed the zts-500 changing to C, mainly I observe this after system startup or right after the unit kicks on. But then, it will change correctly back to F. I have no idea why it does this, but is a little annoying.


(Øystein Bedin) #7

Ok, thanks for the info. Mine is sticking with C instead of F, I can’t control the setpoint (and yes it’s defined as your example), and it doesn’t send updates to the controller consistently, so this unit is being returned. I’m probably going to fall back on the Insteon thermostat I had before.

Thanks again


(Paul O) #8

hmmm, that is strange. The main reason I gave this unit a shot was because I needed more consistent/reliable updates over the radio thermostat unit I was using (I have rule that required immediate updates on state changes). I also didn’t need any logic or advanced functionality in a unit since I do all that in OH, and this one was cost effective and looks attractive. So far, this ZTS-500 has been a great improvement and I’ve experienced near instantaneous and reliable updates on temperature changes and HVAC status, and it’s response is also fast. The reporting in C when the unit is set to F is still strange. I have this exact same problem with my Aeotec Multisensor 6. It is set to F, but the value will flip flop between C and F at random times.

I’ve upgraded to the latest 2.5 snapshot containing the new ZTS-500 parameters I added, so now it’s a bit more usable. Best of luck on your thermostat usage and selection!


(Chris Jackson) #9

Please provide logs that show the problem - unless you’ve worked it out already. Do you have the UOM configuration set correctly?