Remotec ZXT-800

I see a ZXT-600 version of this device is in the database but not this 800. I’ve got a mini-split AC unit in my workshop that has a remote control and no network function. I’d like to be able to control it remotely through openhab.

Anyone gotten this to work? I think I’m gonna go ahead and buy one and see if I get it working but it’d certainly be easier if someone already has it worked out.

The device would have to be added to the, see Blog Posts.

Just for reference:

Well either I clicked the wrong button when ordering or they sent me a ZXT-600 instead. Think I’m just gonna go with it and set this one up rather than fight with the ZXT-800.

Now I gotta figure how to program the 600 so it’ll talk to my Daikin mini-split. I think the IR code is going to be 2009. But I’m not sure where/how I’m supposed to tell the 600 use the 2009 setting.

Anyone using the ZXT-600 with a Daikin Mini-Split A/C system?

I’ve got it set up and can turn it on or off, set it to cool or heat and set the fan mode for speed. I’m not getting the setpoint temperature set though. I got a knob/slider to set the target temperature but I’m not real sure it’s changing the setpoint properly. haven’t been able to figure out how to get a slider or knob to work. This morning I had it set to 71F and the system got the room down to 68.