Remotely access IP Camera Snapshot/Video preview URL/Item

First apologies if this question has been asked before.

I am old school when it comes to OH configuration, i use portforwarding to access the instance of OH. In my case its

Question regarding IP Camera binding thing provided URL’s, how would it be possible to redirect URL’s such that they are accessible from outside? If i have a camera say at and i navigate openhab remotely through portforwarding, the URL snapshot image will break since it is referring to a LAN IP address.

To mitigate this with Port function for example, would it be possible have the snapshot jpeg be acessed at same OH port instance?

e.g. instead of having camera snapshot acessible at (with server port pointing at 30000) to be acessible at this will make the URL acessble from out side if say you’re browsing your dashboard remotely.

Hopefully with a reverse proxy and authentication? Frankly, this isn’t “old school”, it’s foolish if you don’t even have the most basic of protections in place.

No, it’s a different service so it would have to be accessible on a different port forward. You would open another port and forward that to your camera service instead of OH. But again, you really want to be using a reverse proxy (and even then I don’t recommend this setup) in which case you can use the same URL and add a subfolder that goes to the camera. For example would go to openHAB and would go to the camera.

Thanks for taking the time to reply

With OH3, i have noticed users and roles and with paper UI gone, what would be the added benifit of having a proxy if OH is only used for monitoring?

I do understand that it is a different service, i was wondering what would be the technical challanges if this was set to the main OH port (was 8080 or 8443) ?

I have a hikvision camera for example at, what the IP Camera binding does is probably tallking onvif with the camera, get the URL for image snapshot and provide that as a jpeg on a separate port whenever the jpeg requested. Could there be at least an option to dump the snapshot (based on poll rate) in a define /html/static path so it can be acessed from outside?

All that gibrish of mine aside, with the current binding setup, how would it be possible to view openhab remotely and get cameras snapshot on dashboard not broken lan links without extra portforwarding to whatever how many cameras i have there, as that will pose more security risk to the camera it self.

will reverse proxy or openhab cloud connector do the job?

You are putting a lot of trust in the underlying security of OH itself. I’m certain there are vulnerabilities an attacker can use to break out and get into your host. The reverse proxies have undergone a lot more testing and receive a lot more fixes for that sort of thing than OH does.

you can only have one service on a given port at a time. You can’t have taken both listening on the same port.

I don’t know, I don’t use cameras in that way.

A reverse proxy could do the job since it takes a url and forwards the requests to another service.