Remoteopenhab not working for Contact devices?


I’ve put some time in setting up an OpenHAB3 instance with Remoteopenhab and finally also solved the status changes, etc. Now I have one problem left: I cannot propagate the state of a door or window contact. On my OpenHAB3 instance the definition looks like this:

Contact DOOR_UG_Flur "Door/Window [%s]" { channel="zwave:aeon_dsb29_00_000:controller:doorSensor2:sensor_door", channel="remoteopenhab:server:myserver:DOOR_UG_Flur"[profile="system:follow"] }

and on the remote myserver (OpenHAB2) it’s

Contact DOOR_UG_Flur "Zwischentür Keller [MAP(]" <frontdoor>

Now - when I open/close the door, the contact recognizes that and on the OpenHAB3 instance I get the correct state. Remoteopenhab also seems to try to propagate the state but on the OpenHAB2 server I get then

[WARN ] [rest.core.internal.item.ItemResource] - Received HTTP POST request at 'items/DOOR_UG_Eingang' with an invalid status value 'CLOSED'.

and I’m stuck there. I tried a bit of searching for this but didn’t find a solution other than saying “you cannot post the state over to a Contact” which is a bit unsatisfying. I assume that the makers of Remoteopenhab have thought of this and I’m just not aware of the proper configuration, so perhaps somebody has an idea of how to get the Contact state properly reflected on the OpenHAB2 instance?

Thanks a lot for any help.

Your setup is weird.
On your OH2 server, your item is linked to no channel, correct ? I think this is the problem.
On your OH3 server, your item is linked to 2 channels, something I am not very familiar, that is a Z-
Wave device and your remote OH2 item. Nothing will happen for your OH2 item (nothing by the remote openHAB binding and nothing on OH2 server because linked to no channel).

When you open the door, the Z-Wave device is updating your OH3 item, the remote openHAB binding will do nothing. The binding is only listening state updates from your remote server.

My feeling is that the remote openHAB binding should be installed on your OH2 server, not your OH3 server.
Or if installed on your OH3 server, you should have your OH2 item linked to your Z-Wave device. In this case, your OH3 item would receive any state change from your OH2 item (through the remote openHAB binding).

This is not fully bi-directional, there is a master server and a slave server. The master server pushes commands to the slave server and receives states from the slave server.