Remove bindings not maintained anymore


I made small bugfix to the Tellstick binding here:

and here:

Apparently there is no codeowner of this binding so it is assigned to @openhab/add-ons-maintainers. But this seems to be a placeholder that no one cares about. It’s frustrating not to be able to do fixes to bindings I use. Sure I can do a local build and add it to my setup. Is it really worth spend time doing fixes to bindings not maintaned anymore?
Shouldn’t bindings no longer maintained be removed?

Thanks for submitting the fix! :+1:
I don’t share the same opinion that if a PR with a fix is not merged within 10 days the add-on should be removed. :smile:

I get the impression that no one seems to care about bindings with only codeowner @openhab/add-ons-maintainers.
A bugfix like this should be simple to approve, maybe 10 days is not much, but I see PRs that are 6 months old with code owners assigned, that no one seems to care about. How do I make sure my PR does not meet the same destiny?

I’m working on an enhancement to this binding:

but is it really worth the time to do it if nobody will care about that future PR?

I wonder if former developers of Openhab moved to Homeassistant or any other home automation project?
The codeowners file contains a lot errors and bindings with only @openhab/add-on-maintaners.

The smaller your PR and the quicker you address review comments, the quicker the PR usually gets merged! What also helps is if other users in the community help reviewing and test the changes.

Just like normal people it is also common for them to be on holidays, have to deal with some life changing event, focus on some other new project or are just happy with the feature set of their add-on. Then one day they have time again to spend on openHAB or someone else dissatisfied with the add-on like you picks it up. :slight_smile:

It looks like we need to find something again to make GitHub stop complaining about the write access check.

Please keep in mind that all contributors and maintainers are volunteering an do everything in their free time.
Therefore I would really advise not trying to push somebody to to something. It just might lead to a result you don‘t like.
As @wborn already mentioned, it would be good If your changes have been tested by other users and confirmed working.

I have some more tips for speedy merges! Follow the coding guidelines:

Also fix the static analysis findings:

Maintainers rather spend their precious time on reviewing nicely clean and polished PRs than those that are full of trivial issues and need a lot of work.

Another common reason for devs to abandon add-ons is that they stopped using the hardware (or services) because they moved or switched to something else.


I think the larger issue is bindings that are abandoned because the developer has left the community, however github hasn’t been updated.
Example, the neeo binding is currently abandoned. I submitted a PR recently to fix a thread leak and it assigned it to the old owner for review. He no longer is part of the community so it is somewhat stalled. I added the addons maintainers as a reviewer to fix this, that ability however is only available to existing binding owners. I’m not entirely sure how to do it without a roll call, but we need to some how remove the old owners so that github properly tags when a PR is submitted by someone who isnt the owner.

That‘s the problem if they don‘t let us know they no longer maintain „their“ binding.

The sma energy meter is likely same, its author is not too active in forums and github.

Is there a way we could do some sort of annual census or roll call of the binding developers to at least have everyone check in that they are still active maintainers?

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Is it wortwhile to spend my time on working on a PR that no one will care about? I do respect the time of any maintainer, but my own time matters too.

The main problem seems that there may be too few maintaners overall. Specifically any binding should have a minimum of 2 maintainers imho. Maybe the openhab is too restrictive allowing new maintainers?

Regarding testing, maybe I’m the only one using this specific binding together with openhab. If you don’t manage to get a single maintainer for the binding, then you wont find even less testers.

In general the Openhab team should consider dropping obsolete bindings, having non-functional poor quality stuff will only yield poor reputation for the Openhab project.

There’s no restriction on allowing maintainers. If you want to create a binding and submit it, or volunteer to take over an abandoned one, you basically just raise your hand and do it.

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Who says that nobody cares about your PR ? No one did.
We are just saying that you need to be patient, as our maintainers will review it, when they will find time to do so…

Seems you are mixing up things here. Bindings are written by a contributor, who is the codeowner and the maintainer for that particular binding. In some cases, when there have been many contributions from differents people, you will find more than one codeowner in the list, e.g. I have written the Wemo Binding, but @laursen dis a major refactoring of the code, so you will find both of us in the codeowners list. But for my other bindings, there is nobody else.

We then have the addon-maintainers, who review the PRs to finally get them merged into the addons repository to make them generally available.
Members of the addons-maintainer group are elected by the group, to ensure a high quality of the code contributed. To get elected, you need to proof that you are very active on the code and have a good knoledge of the openHAB code and for sure be able to contribute good code.
Don‘t think that is to strict.

And like @morph166955 already mentioned, feel free to take over ownership of bindings without any codeowner.

BTW, if core changed require changes to bindings as well, addon-maintainers or even core-maintainers take care of that too, so all bindings are uptodate.


I don’t use all add-ons, but if you have some examples of this please let us know.

I don’t mind take responsibility for this binding, but as I haven’t contributed to Openhab in any other manner I figured that I’m not eligible for such promotion. Where do I sign up?

I don’t think there is a formal process that I’ve seen. You could in theory create a PR to change the CODEOWNERS file and just specify that the previous owner is no longer around and you want to take it over. At that point I’d think the addons maintainers can make a decision to approve or not. Once merged in then it’s yours if I’m not mistaken.

Ok thanks, maybe I’ll do that then.

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