Remove Grafana and InfluxDB - Icon left in Webfrontend

Hello together,

i have installed the latest openhabianpi on my Raspi 3. Everything runs very good. Today i have installed InfluxDB and Grafana via the openhabian-config tool. Everything was fine. There was also an additional grafana icon or button created in the Webfrontend of openhab.

But i have noticed, that on the Raspi3 the performance was very poor with this setting, so i have uninstalled influxdb and Grafana.

But i still have the Grafana Icon in the openhab webfrontend on the main screen, beside the other ones like PaperUI, HABPanel, etc.

Is there a way, to remove this icon, too?

Thanks and regards

In your services config folder there is a file called dashboard.cfg. You can find and remove them from there.


thanks for your answer. Have tried this. There was an entry with Grafana inside, i have deleted it, restarted openhab, but the entry is still there.

Anything else i can do?

The same here, have you found a solution?

Same problem for me; I filed an issue on Github: