Remove items does not work

By misstake I forgot to change the “simple mode” switch after I hade added a new binding to my configuration and now I have lot of auto generated items in the system. How can I remove them?
I have try to delete them both with Paper UI and Habmin but they are still in the system. There are no error message.

I don’t know how to delete them because I don’t have any, but you may uncomment
in your /conf/services/runtime.cfg
then simple mode is disabled during openHAB restart by default:

Thanks, i will change that line in my runtime.config.
I still have all this unwanted items in the system :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, I generated an item and deleted it with PaperUI and it’s gone:

It only shows up again when I manually scan for things.

Isn’t that a “Thing” you are showing in your picture? I don´t have any problem to remove them. Which version of OH are you using? I am running snapshot build 512.

Upps, my mistake (just migrating from openHAB1).
My version: 507 snaphsot

smarthome:items clear
should do it:

Nah, the items are still there even if it says “removed” :frowning:

And yes, I restarted OH after the “removal”.

It must be some way to get rid of unwanted items beside totalt new install, or… ?

Now I have removed the 3 mapDb files from the “C:\OpenHAB2\userdata\mapdb” folder and all Items are gone. BUT
I thought that all configurations of Things and installed bindings were also in mapDB but these are still included after restart! Are these persisted somewere else?

Yes, these are persisted in a separate set of MapDB files. I’m not quite sure where those files are, somewhere in userdata. Search for “mapdb” in the userdata folder and I think you will find it. It will be the one that isn’t in persistence.