Remove openhabian

Hello, all. I have openHabian installed on an Ubuntu 18.04 box. It is a new install. I got bit by the JSON bug in recent builds, and cannot seem to get things happy again. I would like to start over.

Is there a way to remove openhab / openhabian short of wiping the whole machine and reinstalling the OS?


The whole purpose of openhabian is to provide an easy to full setup of openHAB WITH OS. IMHO the easiest approach in your aituation would be to restart with a newly flashed image.

You should be able to manually remove openHAB directories then reinstall openHAB.

I would probably remove via apt first then manually delete any remaining directories.

If you do in fact have openhabian tool installed, I have installed the stable version under fresh setup this usually clears any problems from snapshot build.

If you want to install openhab again you should keep openhabian installed. No idea what JSON issue you talk about but openHAB_ian_ is not the reason for openHAB problems.
You can downgrade openhab from the openhabian-configure menu or Manually in CLI.