Remove the Link "other apps" with habpanel and Paper UI


i have created my first overview page with my “things”. So far so good. I have no Habpanel or Paper UI installed or configured (and will not use them).
How can i remove the Button in the right and / or the opening Slide from the right with the Options HAB Panel und Paper UI?


I don’t think it’s possible to remove that link. However, I’m confused. If you are using OH 3, there is no such thing as PaperUI. PaperUI only exists in OH 2.

Yes im also unshure what it means. Look at my screenshot.


Bildschirmfoto vom 2021-10-12 15-56-37|690x346

There is no PaperUI there. You have Basic UI and HABPanel.

OK, but … how can i remove it, nobody here will use i (and there isnt anything - it looks like, that it should be configured first). For me the Basic UI is enough


As I’ve already said, you cannot remove the link. You can remove the add-ons for HABPanel and BasicUI and clicking on the other apps icon will show an empty panel. You can’t remove the icon.

Again, I’m confused. Do you mean MainUI? BasicUI uses sitemaps and has no “other apps” icon.

I’m not sure, which panel i use. I use that, what is installaed on a clean system. Nothing more.
My whis was, that this side Panel willnot shown or not opened, or the small button in the right upper corner will not shown. Thats all.


And again, as I’ve said twice now and will say yet again, that cannot be hidden.

Thats a pity… it has nothing, what i can use (at this point) and use only space…
But ok, it is, like it is :wink:


You can klick the symbol next to “Andere Apps”. Then the App Drawer will be hidden.

But, I would also be interested in how I can totally get rid of the functionality. I do not want anybody in my house to be able to open the App Drawer and select anything else as UI than the one which is set as default…