Remove Thing Weather Information impossible (error 409 conflict)

openHAB2 set up on Pi3.
Demo stuff installed.
Thought I would change the weather as the example is Berlin.

I initially changed the WOEID to my location, that didn’t work, tried changing location name, then tried editing the demo.things file.
Obviously none of this worked (there’s no way it would be that easy!)
So thought I would try to put it back the way it was and start again. No that doesn’t work either. It just states “UNINITIALISED” now in grey. If I try to change it, I get: error 409 conflicts flashing up in the bottom right corner.
If I try to delete it, I get the same error 409.

Is openHAB2 working as intended? Surely something as extremely simple as getting the weather shouldn’t require a degree in computer science? Am I better scrapping openHAB2 and installing an older working version or something?

To be honest I’m not that bothered about the weather, but if it’s this complicated to set up, I’m worried that I’m going to be very restricted when it comes to setting up something that I DO want to use, like sunrise/sunset times.


Not knowing what you changed specifically I can’t venture to guess what the problem is. Typically it is not that difficult to make a change like that.

First of all, let me mention that the 409 conflict error usually means there is a conflict between something you have configured using the text files and then you try to configure it through one of the UIs. The UIs are unable to override the text files, hence the error. So if you want to configure it through the UIs you must do so from the start (i.e. if you create an Item or a Thing in a text file you must maintain that text file, the UIs will be unable to change them).

I don’t use the weather binding but given you are talking about WOEID and Things that implies you are using the Yahoo binding (there are two separate bindings largely because of the annoying way Yahoo keeps changing things).

Again, I have no experience with this binding either so can’t be of too much help except to say that you must not mix text config with PaperUI config.

Look to the logs. I bet you will find some errors there that will point at what could be wrong.

I wonder why in the demo example, the weather was set up via both paperUI and in the txt files?
The only way I can get rid of it now then is to completely trash the install and set up again.
I’ve been reading various posts regarding weather, it seems that no-one really uses any weather bindings as I see everyone having problems with no solutions.

I’d like to just remove anything to do with weather but can’t :frowning:

I’ve removed the useless Yahoo weather binding, deleted anything weather related in the text files, yet still get error 409 when trying to remove Weather Information Thing.

PaperUI is broken?

I’m expecting someone to come along and say something along the lines of:
"Don’t use Paper UI, it’s rubbish, just use the text files"
Am I correct? Should I give up with it?

edit restarted openHAB and the weather stuff is finally gone.

Actually PaperUI is approaching a quite usable state. However, you did not provide any specific details of what you did while trying to get it to work so we really have no way of knowing what the real problem was and whether the problem is inherent in the binding or caused by your inadvertently doing something to mess it up. It is extremely difficult to provide advice in that circumstance.

I’m not all that familiar with the demo these days so I can’t answer. But there are a lot of good reasons why that may be the case. A lot of bindings do not support auto-discovery so one has the choice to create the Things in PaperUI or to create them in .things files. It may be that they are showing both examples in the demo.

The problem I’m having also seems to be connected to the 409 conflict error. In my case it is the MySensors binding. A binding that I was only able to install with addons and things files. Although it appeared to be correctly installed and configured, it remained inactive and would not uninstall until I removed the Jar binding and rebooted.
Edit: Just putting this into text made me realize what my problem is. Without even thinking about it I mixed install methods. I need to try again!