Remove z-wave devices that are no longer powered?

openHAB 3.2.0 - Release Build with a Aeotec z-Stick gen5+

We are remodeling and with the switch to LED lighting, I needed to upgrade all of my old Z-wave dimmer switches. The problem is that I didn’t do the exclusion routine when they were still powered. How does one remove devices from the controller once those devices are no longer connected? I also have a few other dead items on my network which I cannot identify

I’m curious why most of those devices are still showing online.

The silabs or Aeotec PC controller should be able to remove nodes from the zstick. It is a two step process (Check) if failed, then remove failed.

I believe what you are observing is that after an OH restart all the device timers are reset and then do not get started until the node is reinitialized from the xml file. Since they are no longer powered that never happens. There has to be a failure of controller to node communications, not just a lack of them to get a node set as dead (that is uninitialized). You can check the dates on the XML files in userdata/zwave to see if that might be the reason. All operational nodes should have a date stamp after the controller (node 1)


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Thank you for the quick response. It seems to have solved my problem. I’m going to detail out the steps in the event that someone is looking for this solution. I submitted a proposal to add links to the Z-wave documentation.

Phantom Nodes cannot be removed directly from openHAB. You must use a 3rd party sofware by Silicon Labs. First backup the Z-Wave device using backup tool for your version of z-stick. Install the Z-Wave PC Controller software. You will need to create an account with Silicon Labs. Connect your z-stick to the PC. Follows these instructions to fail and remove each node. Reconnect the Z-stick to your openHAB system. Each node that was removed will now show as offline in things and you will now be able to “Delete Thing”.

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