Removing old nodes (from a dead controller)

Dear all,

Now that I managed (thanks to the assistance of some of you) to make my Aeotec Zwave Controller (version 5+) work and reinstalled all my sensors, I see that the old ones (previously discovered with my old Zwave Stick which by the way is completely dead (tried to installed a new firmware and … I do not know what happened but it is no longer working) are still present but in error of course (bridge uninitialized which is totally normal). The fact is that some (of the older) have the same node ID as the new I discovered and it could be the cause of some sensors malfunction.
I tried to remove them, tried also to disable them but they do not seem to disappear.

I was wondering if openHAB was trying to remove them from the Zwave key and as they are not on the new key it fails to remove them (I am perhaps wrong) and I am looking for a solution to remove them from openHAB.

I deleted the xml files linked to the old nodes but it did not work.

Is there a way to remove old nodes linked to an old Zwave Key no longer linked to openHAB ?

Thanks for your assistance.

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I think I found the solution. I was not aware of the “force remove” option and it seems that it was the solution.

Also worth getting the zwave pc controller software. That can make sure nodes are properly gone.

Thanks for your answer.

I used Zensys tools to check it but there was no trace of the old zwave nodes (which is understandable as they were registered with the former zwave key).

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Also have a look here where I (and others) put together as much as we were able to: [SOLVED] Unresponsive Z-Wave Network: Tools and Approaches to track down the issues

Thanks for the link, it looks very interesting and I will certainly read it carefully !