Renamed Dash but URL remains the same

When I first set up Habpanel, mt dash was called TEST - now it has become named my HOME dash, but the URL remains test - is there a way to a) either change this or b) duplicate a dash and give it the right name and delete the old one

You can create a new dash with the right name. Than move all widgets to the new dashboard. You need to recreate the arrangement. Thats the easiest way I can think of atm.

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Try this: advanced settings -> Current storage configuration -> Edit the local panel configuration (experts only)
not sure, but it looks like it should help. Do not forget to save.

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Perfect - that worked. Now - is there any way I can use that ID value in the code? I’d like to make reference to it in a custom widget.

<a href="#/view/{{config.dashboard_name}}">
configuration settings:
add setting
1. String - dashboard_name
2. String - label

good answer but I was hoping for more of a dynamic value

Forgive me, I do not speak English, it’s hard for me to understand you.

enter your ID here

$parent.$parent.$parent.$ if you don’t mind the ugliness.

It’s basically walking up the scope hierarchy finding the controller for the dashboard - normally a big no-no but…
Could be something that could be added to the template widget’s scope though.