Replace iCloud binding with built-in functionality of openHAB iOS app

I’ve been struggling with the iCloud binding since I started using openHAB.
There have been a good few times when Apple changed something and it broke the integration completely.
Currently the Find My Phone function is not working.
And it asks me to re-enter the 2FA code every few days or weeks (seems random). I often don’t have the time or access to update this when it happens, and my wife definitely can’t fix it without me. Which means we are endlessly asked to allow or disallow the access on our iPhones while in this state. Really annoying. And it breaks my presence detection for setting HOME and AWAY modes etc.

Can the functionality of the openHAB iOS app be expanded to do the same as the iCloud binding?
The openHAB iOS app should be the bit sending GPS data and battery level information etc. I think it works like this on Android, but I don’t use any android devices.
Surely this would remove a few of the steps that the iCloud binding needs to take to get the data into openHAB and be able to complete any authentication better?

Nope, at least not for GPS. It’s been requested a number of times but the impact to battery has always been too great.

The Android app does report next alarm time, call state, connected BT devices, battery level, charging state, WiFi name, and do not disturb mode though.

For those who want geotracking, GPSTracker - Bindings | openHAB is the recommended approach. It’s actually pretty easy to set up and works through (unlike how it used to work where you needed to expose MQTT to the Internet or the like).

I personally just use the WiFi Name to determine when one of us is home or not.