Replace old Honeywell heating system

I would replace an old heating system with openhab.
The system (Honeywell) have some sensors and actuators (valve 1-10v): volts regulate the opening of the valve.
I would reading the temperature and operating with the actuators with a predictive system.
If possible, I would install openhab in a raspberry (one or more).

Can you help me with some advice? Thanks!


Are you thinking of pulling out the Honeywell control system and only leaving the actuators in place?

Or do you want something that breaths new life into the Honeywell control board?

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Do you have any thoughts on this subject?

I prefer the first via, new system but with “old” sensor and actuators (200-300 pieces).
But if the first is too complicated or expensive, event the second via is acceptable.

Hi :smile:

Keeping the actuators is the easy bit.

It’s integrating the sensors that might be an issue.

What kind of sensors do you have?

The temperature sensors are Honeywell T7412A1000-2 (like this:
It’s a resistence with 2 wires.
There is also a immersion contact like this:
I have even a security contact (open/closed value).
The actuators are a valve 0-10v.


thats perfectly doable. I use a VMBDC4 to control the 0-10v to control a ventilator inside a heating system. Only the logic need to be build now. In the form of rules I guess

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And use the new VMB4AN to connect to the current room temperature sensors and the 4 input mode options to preset target temperatures :wink:

As long as the sensors are <2K ohm it’ll work perfectly :slight_smile:

(Replacement 2k ohm thermistors are about €2 each)

You can even set % of 10v if you have proportional valves :smile: