Replacing callers phone-numbers with their names using Fritzbox-phonebook


I have the latest OH3 version running on a RasPi4 and AVM Fritzbox binding (3.0.1) and TR064 binding (3.0.1). My Fritzbox is a 7490 with the current version.
So far, I got everything running fine except the phone book. I would expect that the external numbers get replaced with the names if they’re listed in the fritzbox-phonebook. However, this doesn’t work. Here’s what I get:

Any ideas how to solve this?

Another question (optional, I haven’t done much research on this yet, but maybe you can give me a tip anyway; I’m still an OH-beginner and have a lot to learn yet…): I’d like to get this json-information about calls in a table (in a page).

OpenHAB can only show you what your fritzbox sends.

You can use the json transformation to isolate just the number then use a map transformation to change the number into the text you want.

Thanks denominator,
I thought this would work more or less automatically because there’s the option to select a specific phonebook from the fritzbox. But this appears to be too diffucult for my current knowledge, so I’d better stick to the numbers only version.

Hi, if you haven’t you should take a look here.

Thanks for this link; it appears still a little difficult, but if I encounter problems, I’ll ask there …

Dear all, just in case you are looking for a simpler solution in OH3:

Simply add the bindings things for Fritzbox & TR064, then go to the FritzBox thing, channels. Create a item for the solved caller name based on “incoming call” item.

  • click “add link to item”
  • change type of item to string
  • select “phonebook” for profile
  • select your phonebook stored on FritzBox, e.g. “google”
  • set phoneNumber-Index to 1 (see reason below)

And magic in OH3, you can select Phonebook and you FB phonebook will be shown, select it:

Hint: I also had to change phoneNumber-Index to 1, because the incoming number contained first our local phone number, then the caller’s number, e.g. “123456, 017743453456”

And voila:

The string contains the pure caller’s name based on your FritzBox phonebook.