Replying to push notifications


iOS has the ability to receive push notifications with response buttons available. Would it be possible to add this to the iOS app?

For me, one use case would be, if I leave home, I could receive a notification saying “No one is home. DO you want to set away mode?” with Yes / No buttons available. I sometimes have people staying over, so I might be away from the home, but I don’t want to set the alarm.

Or, if I am in bed, it could say “Should I set Sleep Mode?” Yes / No

I believe the documentation to achieve this is here:

Would it be possible to implement?

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+1 from me. This would be great!


I just put an iOS app on the App Store to solve this problem for myself.
Sound like this is exactly what you are looking for:

You can push notifications via HTTP POST, assign shortcuts and run them directly from the notification. This way you can send „responses“ to questions.
I also plan to add direct support to open URL schemes and maybe HTTP request (like a POST to a URL) directly if anybody is interested (without having to go through extra shortcuts).

For now you would have to create a shortcut that performs the HTTP request back to openhab (using a POST to the REST interface) - or you can use the homekit integration and link the way back that way.

Let me know if that does the trick for you.

+1 for native notification actions in app support for openHAB

If somebody can help me write a good integration for Pushcut, we will have this.